Contests on social media, funny quiz, instant winnings, prize operations, giveaway, surveys, but also loyalty programs, points collections, trade promotion and incentive. Fornace creates, designs, manages and tracks them. By law.

Wanna know them? Let them play

Since the digital world has taken over promotion techniques to obtain quite an amount of data. Very useful pieces of information to improve customer targeting, build up funnels and clusters, customize the offer, invest into targeted advertising.

According to the goals, such as lead generation, brand awareness or engagement, Fornace Promotion unit can create an exciting contest on Facebook, an App where to play everyday with the brand, an engaging mechanism of point collection, a competition to improve the sales.

From strategy to creation, from the development to the launch, from administrative paperwork to operating management, Fornace Promotions creates specific products to reward the participants and to obtain useful results for marketeers and sales.

Password? Engage and Reward

conception and management of competitions and prize operations
Facebook contest
Instagram contest
TikTok contest
ideazione e gestione programmi loyalty
trade promotion
creation and development of App for gamification
search awards
tracking and results
legal practices

Creativity and management: two sides of a Loyalty

All promotion activities can have a precise strategic goal, or they can be part of a Loyalty program to better represent the relationship between brand and customers. Every day is an opportunity to engage, suggest, tell, amaze, and promote.

Contest, points, discounts, draws coexist in an articulated yet flexible project. There’s much at the stake: a stronger relationship with the customers, their straight-knowledge and loyalty, the increase of both physical and digital sales, of the average receipt, the sales development of the single aisles.

What seems warm, easy and rewarding for the user is a complex world to design and manage. Our strength is the synergy of Fornace business unit: promotions, legal, development, marketing, communication, production.

A great advantage to reach the goals with speed of action and cost-effective management.

To know more about our experience with the clients and mass market retailers, call us.

We will tell you how we improve their sales and make their customers loyal.

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Practices and legal compliance

Enter our Legal business unit and find out what we can do for you, from administrative paperwork to privacy policy, to PMD.

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