Digital Marketing

From planning digital communication campaigns to contents creation, from email marketing to selecting influencers, from managing social media channels to decoding data analysis. Digital marketing is undoubtedly a universe that can generate brand value and business results.

Our formula? Do not pursue the latest trend but create contents that transmit value. Publishing less is better is the mantra we repeat to all customers.

Digital is the answer

We do it all but we don’t recommend doing everything. The best strategy focuses on goals and timing, testing the large amount of data and basing on results. In the great universe enclosed in the words digital marketing, the greatest challenge today is to take care of people (customers-personas-consumers-target) to get to know them, put yourself in their shoes and interact with them avoiding friction as much as possible.

With this basic will, we design social media marketing strategies to answer specific questions, such as: how to improve the brand reputation, how to involve consumers and guide them towards the physical point of sale, how to increase the average receipt with a monthly newsletter, how to make performing advertising campaign to fill the e-commerce cart.

We have no standard answers, because there are no standard "consumers", but we build digital paths with dedicated teams, which represent the necessary areas of expertise, all business units within Fornace.

Menu: always à la carte

Design of digital communication campaigns campagne
Strategic management of social media platforms (FB, IG, Google, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitch)
Creation of brand and product contents (photo and video shooting)
Marketing automation via DEM and newsletter
Design and management of projects and activities involving influencers
Design and management of projects and activities of digital P.R.
Community management
Media planning
Budget media management
Advertising campaigns (FB, IG, Google platforms)
Display Adv campaigns
Programmatic Adv campaigns
Integrated campaigns
Measurement & reporting

Your digital partner
(even for impossible missions)

Responsiveness. This is definitely one of Fornace’s qualities. Many times we’ve been called to complete complex tasks in a pretty short time, so short that speed of action has become one of our major characteristics. We are responsive, from analysis to launch, to results, only thanks to our business units and experience.

Strategy, branding, development, digital marketing, communication, production, promotion, legal: work is integrated and customized, strategically flexible, self-contained and cost-effective.

To manage the entire digital ecosystem we provide customers with Fornace native tools to do analysis and take only what really matters.

Setting “Mission impossibile” aside, more and more often we become the company’s digital department, the first marketeers’ partner, operational unit for branding and selling.

How much does my campaign perform?
Is Programmatic advertising still an option?
Better go for influencers o Digital PRs?
If you’re looking for more goals-oriented answers than guru quotes, call us.

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