Communicate and share files faster with your team using fornacegram

The client that does more doing less. With native notifications!

iPad mock



Doesn't ask you all the time how you want to share your pics. Just drop your files and it will know!


~2% CPU

Yeah telegram has been having this nasty problem for months. Clogs your CPU. This one doesn't.


Your company on top

Fornacegram keeps your company chats at the top of the sidebar. So you can spam faster!


Make your mark on communication history

Skype sucks. Whatsapp works only when you connect it to the computer. Telegram destroys your CPU. I hate emails. So we needed something useful to communicate within the team.

This is why fornacegram was born. It's a shameful ripoff of the web version of telegram, standalonized with very little changes that make it even more useful. You can contribute to it sharing your code.

Works flawlessly with telegram official apps

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